Beech Hill Freight is a young company with an eye on the future. We will be looking at all options to help you and your transportation needs without shying away from the latest technology, all while remembering that our industry is steeped in history and tradition.  We recently hired an Operations Manager who will be working out of an office in Nova Scotia, where we felt it was important to have a presence considering it’s where we have our roots.

When working with us you will receive dedicated, one on one service; no more guessing who you’re talking to or getting passed from person to person.  One of us will handle your order from quoting stages through to invoicing.

We have been growing steadily and owe much of our success to the customers who have been with us since Day 1, and continue to trust us with their product, as well as all the referrals we’ve earned through hard, honest work.

Recently we invested in new software to improve the customer experience for all your shipping needs.  This includes a Personal Customer Portal where you can request quotes, email notifications, track a shipment and obtain any required documents for existing deliveries.

Many of our clients are returning customers, and have benefited from our dedicated service and focus on service rather than margins.  Be sure to call and ask what we can do for you…

We are going to focus primarily on LTL within Canada, and to and from the United States, but we look forward to carving out new niches and assisting where we can.

Through a few select carriers and contacts, Beech Hill will become a strong ally and resource with the goal of seamlessly integrating into your business. 

As a boutique Freight Brokerage, we can provide better than average rates on our niche lanes, and give your order the attention it deserves.

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