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Beyond excited to announce Matt Bracegirdle is joining us at Beech Hill Freight as the Director of Customer Engagement.

Matt comes with an extensive background in Small business Management, understanding the core values of from day 1 to day 1000+ to successfully build and sustain growth while always keeping customer service as a highest priority.  When you add the experience of specialist roles in Implementation and Training with some large corporations ( such as ADP ) Matt also has a grasp on the relationship required for small business to effectively work alongside some of the larger institutions for success on all levels.

Being on the front lines and overseeing the behind the scenes operations of a rural medical center for 6 years, his background in coordinating experiences between customer, employee and business contacts allowed him to develop the insight on how they all must work together to grow, be sustainable and also never lose that connection of what it is that sets a small business apart.  Prior implementation and training specialist roles have developed his skill sets on the understanding that each business  provides a unique challenge and requires those small, interpersonal touches and commitment for building a great relationship.

Matt can be reached at matt@beechhillfreight.com

Welcome, Matt!

Greg Cox

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